Pests infestations are rampant in every part of the globe and it can demand a lot of financial support to get rid of the problem.  

However, the common problem among every homeowner is how they find the problem only when it is already worse.  

Do you have a concern regarding pest related issues? To get a heads up on the problem and prevent any further damage, take note of these indications.  

1. Dirt and Grime buildup 

Having pests in your home may accumulate some dirt as well as grime on some certain parts of your property. If you find some smudges on you walls, this may be a sign of having rodents in your property. You may also notice some crumbs around the house as well.  

 2. Odd Odor

Having pests at home can contribute to odd odors as well. You can easily determine the odor because it smells like rotten food. Since pests like to store their food on the corners they live in and get the food through traveling around your home, this food may be left on certain parts of your property and be left there to rot. It can also trigger growth of mold. Moreover, urine smells are also prominent.  

 3. Fabric damage

Do you have certain clothes at home that has been lying around unused? If so, you may be wondering why there are holes in it. Any holes, scratch or stains that you find in clothing or any other cloth at home can be a big indication of having dents around. Rodents like to chew on clothing and any other belonging that can be penetrated by their teeth. Moreover, if you have a favorite bag lying around, make sure to get rid of any food from the bag because it can be a desert for rodents when you are not around.  


Pests like rodents leave a lot of things behind including parts of the bodies of insects that they had recently feast from. You can track wings or any limb part of insects and this will help in leading you to a conclusion that your home is infested with pests.  

5. Plant damage

The pests in your property do not only enjoy the indoors but also like your green collection outdoors. If you have been noticing dug up dirt from your favorite plant, then you may have some unwanted company around.  

6. Strange Sounds

At night time, pests, especially rodents, like to roam around. They often communicate through tiny voices through squeaking and even scratching. You can easily hear the noises mentioned through areas in your home you seldom use. These areas can include the attic, the area between walls and even your outdoors.  

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